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Personal Trainer

Nicole offers a service which incorporates consultation, individualized dietary options, fun and effective training plans combined with new techniques. She specializes in Cardiovascular Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching.


Personal Trainer

Alex has experience in many diverse areas of fitness, such as functional fun cardio and powerlifting. She has currently been practicing for Olympic Weightlifting and soon hopes to compete.


Personal Trainer

Callum is a Level 3 personal trainer involved in Mixed Martial Arts ranging from Muay Thai to Boxing, from a very young age. He specializes in nutrition, strength, conditioning and boxing.


Personal Trainer

A Level 2 and 3 certified personal trainer with specialization in fat loss, toning and nutrition. On a mission to transform people and create new effective habits to change mindset for a healthier lifestyle.


Personal Trainer

Targets sports specific goals in the field of running to improve technique, speed and conditioning. Eryn has also been practicing Yoga and Pilates for many years and uses it to compliment resistance and cardiovascular training.


Personal Trainer

Highly specialized, Kevin has assisted people with a variety of different goals, from weight-loss, injury rehabilitation, improving fitness levels to more sport specific conditioning with athletes in Soccer, Netball, Basketball and American Football.


Personal Trainer

Randy Mboyo is a Level 3 Personal Trainer and Level 2 Gym Instructor involved in Mauy Thai, k1, BJJ, Wrestling and Fitness from a very young age. Educates and supports clients in achieving their goals and help overall fitness improvement while maintaining a positive and fun environment.


Personal Trainer

A skilled ex rugby player with a Level 3 certification in Sports and Fitness, Level 3 Personal Training and Level 2 Fitness Instructor. Keaton specializes in fat loss, sports conditioning, bodybuilding, boxing and circuit training.


Personal Trainer

Joseph motivates, educates and supports clients in achieving their goals while maintaining a positive and fun environment. His qualifications include FdSc Exercise, Health and Fitness, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Nutrition Consultant and Circuit Instructor.


Personal Trainer

Kieran Hughes is a Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 3 sports massage therapist, Level 3 exercise referral specialist, Level 2 gym instructor. He had helped many people to achieve their goal whether it be weight loss, muscular tone/definition or increased muscle mass. His qualifications include weight management specialist, fueling nutrition for exercise cpd, medicine ball instructor, suspension training instructor, tri planar kettlebell's instructor.


Personal Trainer

Victor Fernandes is a Level 3 Personal Trainer. His Specializations include Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Rapid Body Transformation, Body Conditioning and Fat Loss.He encourages clients to challenge themselves and make them realise that no one will become better than their own-selves. He is also an Nutritional Adviser along with Advanced Trainer.

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